The NBA announces term terms in the name of the eye to be switched on

Who are the most likely business candidates for a business term? No one really knows, experts are mistaken for more than 50% of the time that they are told to get into trading, so just look at what would be fun if some of these people moved teams. Competitors who are not together (Lakers), Rockets and teams with other pieces that might be desirable (Kings and Pacers) are worth seeing.

  • Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets) – It really does not need a long explanation. The most probable goal is Knicks after the Russian billionaire has laid the lead on the Nets-Nuggets deal for a long time. The big question I have not seen yet is that "Anthony and Amare can be successful in the same team." Amare needs an additional defense center like Tyson Chandler to help his team better, just do not know if Melo solves all the problems.
  • Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince (Detroit) – One or both of these guys should be traded. I would like to see that Rip City goes to Chicago and finishes his list. Tayshaun needs to go back to his career by going to a good team that does not have to run for him. Tayshaun would be interesting on Dallas when Butler is a year.
  • James Posey (Pacers) – Did you forget he was on Pacers? I also because he is going on a bench as an undersized Power Forward in a team that stops running with a new coach. Why do not you bring him back to Boston and let him play Marquis Daniels' minute? Indiana would probably trade with him for another Midwestern college of All-Star PF, that's true, Luke Harangody!
  • Ron Artest (Lakers) – The Lakers told the media that they needed a deal to shake things up with the team, and the only person to trade would be Artest. I do not think they will be able to move their contract, but it is likely to get into trading if a defense attorney occasionally succeeds.
  • Carl Landry (Kings) – I do not even know who would want this team behind Landry, but he's a free agent at the end of the year, and maybe he can get him something rather than just let him go. The magician could use it with Bass to get a recent ankle injury.

Is this the year Rockets can pack up their assets for a franchise player? The only way I can see it is that at eleventh hour the deal will not work with Knicks, and rockets offer a nice package to hire Carmelo and try to persuade him to stay in Houston.

Can someone steal Mayo? I think the teams will try to buy low with the recent Mayah suspension and no one will offer something decent for a great addition, but do not forget that Chris Wallace is still GM from Memphis so wait for anything.