Where to buy FC Barcelona Football tickets

While tickets are open to the general public just 2 weeks before the match, the way the Futbol Club Barcelona distributes means that the stadiums that are staying are among the worst in the stadium.

At the stadium there are 98,000 seats and 140,000 club members, meaning club members usually pick the best places long before they are made available for sale.

If you are traveling to Barcelona for the weekend when playing at home – and who does not want to do it? – you can be sure to book your tickets in advance from an official FC Barcelona ticket dealer. Although expensive, tickets for each match are guaranteed, which is probably your only option for matches like Barcelona in Real Madrid.

If you wait until you arrive in Barcelona, ​​you have the option of selling tickets. After a few days before the game, they gather around the entrance to the box office and prices are also high, but if you wait until the match, you can find people with other tickets who want to sell them at face value.

If you really do not mind what tickets you get, you have a few options. The first is simply to go to FC, either during the day or hour before the match. Queues tend to be long, so make sure you have plenty of time. Clubs can also be purchased from the Ramblas tourist offices.

Your last option is to buy tickets from La Caixa ATMs. Not all of their machines sell tickets, but if you are looking for a label labeled ServiCaixa, you can pick tickets and immediately print them out. There is a small booking fee and you do not have a good choice, but at least this option is easy.

The best recommendation of good places is booking in advance. Although you pay for the course, it is worth it for the comfort it brings.