Building profitable online travel agencies

The web is literally full of travel websites. Find a "discount on air" on Google and find more than 32 million websites. Try "cheap accommodation" and for your customer dollar, more than 11 million websites are competitive. So how do you make travel websites a lot on Google and other search engines.

In general, strategy in this space is similar to many physical world markets. You have to choose between versatile and focused. To be universal, that is, to offer sites that provide tickets, hotel and car rental, anywhere in the world, you have to remember that you are against some strong competition. Google's number one web site for "discount airline" is Expedia. It has more than 5 million backlinks measured through The cost of overtaking these mega sites for popular terms such as "discount on air travel" is prohibitive. You will never get there. If you want to have a universal site, you have to focus on less popular search queries. Look for variations in popular search terms and try to rank highly against less popular terms. A very large number of search queries are still being carried out under conditions such as "tickets with a cheap ticket" and it will be much easier to oppose this type of term. In fact, # 1 ranked on Google for this term is even a home page: always a sign that this space is not very competitive. It also has a PageRank of only 4, which is not hard to beat.

A focus strategy is more understandable. Choose one market and optimize your website so that you only rate this market. It's not hard to beat the best rated players if you are looking for a Bed & Breakfast in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. Of course the problem is that the value highly rated for this term is almost zero. You have to find a sweet spot in the markets where the top position is valuable, but the competition in this place is not too intense.

Once you've chosen your target market and its associated target keywords, it's a challenge to get your site to rank. I'm not suggesting in this article to go to the principles of search engine optimization or SEO: there are countless articles that offer the latest ideas on the subject. A central part of all SEO strategies, however, is to connect: get more sites to link to. There is no substitute for hard work persuading other websites to refer to your, in return for the link from your to them. Ideally, you want to focus on a triangular link you refer to from one site and link back to another site – making your link less suspect in the eyes of the search engines.

Check out Free Travel Links pages like this, fill in the form, insert your link to your site and join it within 24 hours. Repeat a few hundred or a few thousand times, wait a minute, and you will be assured of a high position on the search engines to some extent. Then sit down and count the money.