10 ways to track frequent flight points

Watching frequent leaflets can be an annoying and aggravating process. And ignorance of the total number of points can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. With so many ways to get points, spin special promotions, partner awards and bonus points available, tracking points may seem almost impossible. If that's the case, there are ten ways to watch to keep them alright and you know that they accumulate totals.

Set date
There are plenty of tools and utilities out there to stay valued by the sum of points for frequent flyers, but the cardholder has overall responsibility. If nothing else works, set the date on which the point balance will be checked, perhaps the first or last month to make it easier to remember.

Frequent flyers can subscribe to an informative newsletter via a frequent flight schedule. This newsletter could help to be evaluated not only by the status of frequent participants' points, but also through promotions, specials and changes to the scoreboard.

One way to track points can be through a card. While the account may or may not divide frequent flyer points depending on where and how they were created, it could help the cardholder to keep up to date on his / her total.

By signing up for frequent flyer e-mail alerts, a regular flyer can receive messages that are relevant to the program as well as point updates.

Google Gadget
If the program is provided, it may be appropriate to track the totals of points using the Google Gadget. Such a gadget would allow quick and easy display of point balances, earn points earned in partner categories, and get news and bids.

By using Internet access over the phone, this could be another convenient and effective method for tracking your points.

Online Account
Receiving bulletins or emails may not be preferred to everyone and some may not want to spend time or have the knowledge needed to set up a gadget. If this is the case, the checkpoints when signing in to the online account could be an effective way to get the necessary information.

Customer Service Representative
Unfortunately, everyone does not have access to or have access to the Internet when you really need it. In this case, a frequent flyer could call an affiliate customer service representative to find out its point value.

Set Goals
The problem of some card holders actually remembers checking the total number of points. If they do not receive regular updates via a newsletter or email, they may not be something they remember. These people can consider tracking their points by setting goals. This could increase the likelihood of remembering the planned vacation or purchase that they would like to do with their points, and thus jogging their memory to track their totals.

If all else fails, keeping a confirmation or recording purchases when they are produced is another way, perhaps even the most effective, to track frequent flyer points.