Tips for ticket purchase

Did you ever experience a bad experience when buying an event? Whether it's through primary sources such as ticket managers or secondary sources that violate various ticket brokers and street vendors, problems may arise. Here are some tips to help relieve pain and frustration.

As the interpreter is the original source of most events, the problems are minimal. When purchasing ticket tickets through your Ticket Manager, make sure you have your credit card available and all billing address information is ready. Ticketmaster is simple, but because it runs on timers, you may lose tickets if there is too much time to enter information! This is especially important when the event just happened and 1 million more fans are trying to buy the same action.

When buying through securities dealers, buying experience may be a little trivial, but companies like can be virtually ruled out. Here is a list of things to look for when buying through securities dealers:

Make sure the company is in business for at least two years.

Be sure to be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau or the National Association of Ticket Stores.

Make sure they have a physical office number 800 # where you can reach a live agent.

Find out what ticket vouchers offer you to ensure your ticket purchase.

Be careful when buying from street vendors! Most street vendors simply try to speed up quickly. In essence, they try to buy from people with additional tickets and then sell them with a profit. They may also be ticket vendors selling other tickets they have not previously sold. The worst of all are thieves. These little rats are basically selling false tickets to unsuspecting fans! Here are some tips to buy tickets on the street:

Check out the tickets and back to make sure they are printed on both sides.

Ensure a slight glow appears on the tickets.

Check that all ticket information is correct, such as date, time and seat order.

Let the ticket vendor walk with you at the entrance of the gate and check the authenticity of the ticket.

If you have any questions about buying a ticket or you need an opinion on the purchase of tickets, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Gary Ketchum

Managing Director